twinBot ... be anywhere.

twinBottwinBot is a self balancing robot development platform. It is a remotely controlled mobile teleconferencing system that enables conversation to happen anywhere you want.

what twinBot can do

build your own robot or IoT project from the scratch

communication everywhere you want.

video conferencing

the twinBot gateway app uses firefox webRTC standard to enable video-conferencing.

Bluetooth remotely controlled

remote your twinBot through a serial BT-Connection.

build your own app

Develop you own app or use the standard twinBot gateway app to remote your twinBot through the internet.


start your IoT project! The twinBot kit contains all needed components.

the control unit

based on an AVR Mega Controller, DC motor Double H-Bridge, 3xServo Outs, passiv Speed Sensor (backe EM), MPU6050 Sensor & BT-module.

mounting frame

lasercut metall frame with mounting holes for control unit, tube clamp, DC-Motors and Servos. A second frame keeps the batterie.


PVC housing tube, black foiled. Mounting holes for switch, chargerplug, park stands and LED.

tablet holder

8" tablet holder with 180° robot servo, twinBot can tilt the tablet in the range of +/-45°

tilt head

2 coated aluminium mounting brakets fix the tablet holder/servo tilt head on the upper tube.

how things work

different ways to control your twinBot.


control unit with firmware, source code (BASCOM) available.

everything is possible!

use your twinBot at home, when you are on holiday, for education, ..just be there.